• Order of AHEPA

    Chapter 59

    Supreme President of AHEPA-Savas Tsivicos
    District Governor-Steve Papakirk
    Supreme Governor-Region 5-John Karipides

    AHEPA Chapter#59 Officers 2020-2021

    President-John Karipides
    Vice President- John Regas
    Secretary-John Anderson
    Treasurer-Tasos Kiskoridis
    Inside Sentinel-Brian Thomas
    Captain Of the Guard-George Foradis
    Chaplin-Gus Athans
    Chairman of the Board of Governor's-Paul Koskovich

  • Current Events for AHEPA Chapter#59

    Congratulations to our Super Bowl BoardWinners

    Board #1 (Gold)

    1st Quarter $500 - Matt Carona

    2nd Quarter $1000 - REHM (Rick Pitini, Eugene Kazantis, Holly Davies, Missy Pitini)

    3rd Quarter $500 - REHM (Rick Pitini, Eugene Kazantis, Holly Davies, Missy Pitini)

    4th Quarter $1000 - Pheobe Pertsinides


    Board #2 (Blue)

    1st Quarter $500 - Jason Reese

    2nd Quarter $1000 - Mike Lawson

    3rd Quarter $500 - Mike Lawson

    4th Quarter $1000 - Ms D (Dino Kosti)

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    September 2nd, 2023 The Annual Reverend Father Anthony Spirtos Memorial Golf Outing

  • Happy Birthday AHEPA Family!

    Happy Birthday to the members of the AHEPA Family born in February!

    2nd Anastasios Kiskoridis

    2nd Larry Georgiades

    3rd Francine Nichols

    4th Pete Jordanides

    5th Jamey Gorman



































    8th Dimitrios Pousoulides

    9th Matt Cunningham

    11th Barbara Diamant

    11th Cyrus Yaghooti

    12th Joe Ostrowske































    19th David Hallaman  

    21st Despina Paxos-Morgan

    23rd Michael Grunder

    25th Niki Kalantzis

    29th Frances Pantelides



































  • Scholarships

    AHEPA Canton Chapter# 59 is proud to offer our 2024 Scholarship Application to all eligible students.

    Please download app from above fill-out and resubmit. Thank You and Good Luck!

  • AHEPA Buckeye Scholarship Foundation

    Visit the Buckeye Scholarship website for additional information.

    AHEPA National Scholarship

    Visit the ahepa.org for additional information.

  • Events

    National Convention 2020 in Oralando, FL, Disney Cancelled July 19th-26th, 2020

  • Contact

    Order of AHEPA Chapter 59

    2607 Market Avenue N.
    Canton, OH 44714